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The Jay Peak Resort

Renowned for Skiing, the Jay Peak Resort is expected to open about Thanksgiving and end its season into the first week of May.

The VAST Trail

A Winter Snowmobile Trail That Stretches Through Miles of Wilderness, Past Snow Covered Mountains and Lakes to Many Townships and Villages

Lakeview Aviation

Flying Tours - Airplane Flying Lessons - Airport Services - Specialty Airplane Interior Refurbishment in Coventry, VT.

Lake Memphremagog in Newport, VT

Along with the Newport City Dock, Northstar Cruises and Mountain Vistas. 

The Pump House Water Park at the Jay Peak Resort

An entirely unique year round waterpark featuring surfing and its own water chute.

Jay Peak Resort's Snowboarding the Glades

The Tram at the Jay Peak Resort

The Start of Fall Foliage Via the Tram - A Sightseeing Adventure

The Lakes Region of Vermont

and the home of Lake Willoughby, as well as majestic Seymour Lake, shown above.  The Seymour Lake Lodge rests at the Lake's shoreline.

Enjoy Vermont Country

Rural, Quaint and Picturesque

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is home to some of the most quaint towns and villages in Vermont, including Craftsbury, VT, photo above.

Glacial Lakes Nestled Between Majestic Mountain Ranges

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is well known for its steep mountain ranges along side pristine lakes.

First Class Accommodations

In Northeastern Vermont, enjoy first class accommodations, along with affordable country lodging on the shores of Lake Willoughby, Island Pond and Lake Seymour as well as at the base of Jay Peak, Burke Mountain and on the VAST Trail

Lake Willoughby in Westmore, VT

One of America's Most Beautiful Lakes is Lake Willoughby that resembles a Norwegian Fjord with its length extending between two mountain ranges. The lake is also the deepest lake in Vermont, with depths exceeding 300 feet.  As a result, Lake Willoughby is listed as a Natural National Landmark.

Fall in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

The Northeastern Vermont Experience

craftsbury2.jpgNortheastern Vermont is a region rich in wildlife, country charm and the grace of a time long ago. 

Some of the region's towns are also of historic significance or, in fact, have some interesting accolades of their own and preserved, much like the antiques you'll find there ....More

Health, Spa & Fitness

For the Mind, Body & Spirit

New from Experience the NEK!

Visit Health, Spa & Fitness for our new listings!

Mountain Biking It in Northeastern Vermont

The Kingdom Bike Trails and the Bike Trail at the Burke Mountain Resort in Northeastern VT offer an exciting outdoor adventure.

 Passes for the Kingdom Trail are sold in Downtown East Burke   ...More

Area Lodging on the Kingdom Trails Network:

The Lakes Region of Vermont

Lake Willoughby in Westmore, VT

Northeastern Vermont, aptly dubbed The Lakes Region of Vermont, has more than a dozen fresh water lakes, some connected by underwater caverns and evolved due to glacial movements over the millennia.

The deepest lake in Vermont is Lake Willoughby, also a National Natural Landmark and well known for its natural beauty. ....More

Visit the renowned Cabot, the maker of finely crafted VT cheeses , yogurts and milk products in Cabot, VT.  More

Brousseau Mountain, Norton, VT

Important Notice: The cliffs on Brousseau Mountain are home to the rare Peregrine Falcon. These recently endangered birds are still recovering in Vermont and may be disturbed by human activity. You can help Peregrine restoration in Vermont! Pay attention to signs warning you about Peregrine nests and, if possible, plan your hiking trips to avoid nesting areas during the incubation period: March 1 August 1.

Brousseau Mountain (elev. 2723 ft.) in Norton offers a short and scenic hike that is considered by many to be the best view for the effort. Due to its far northern locale, this local favorite is seldom visited by mainstream hikers and often provides a solitary experience.  ... More

Bluff Mountain, Island Pond, VT

Providing a mild to moderate climb, free parking.  Trails are cleared and maintained by the Northwoods Stewardship Center in East Charleston, VT. Entrance is located on Mountain Street in Island Pond, VT.

Gore Mountain, Avery’s GoreView of Bluff Mountain in the Fall from the beach on Island Pond in Island Pond, VT

Located in the unorganized town of Avery’s Gore, Gore Mountain (3332 ft.) sits on the northern edge of the Nulhegan River Basin and is the second highest peak in the Northeast Kingdom. The wooded summit provides limited views but, at nearly 4 miles long, the trail offers a very remote, backcountry experience for those seeking solitude.  ...More

Monadnock Mountain

Monadnock Mountain (elev. 3148 ft.) has the distinction of being the most easternmost mountain in Vermont. It is also distinct due to the fact that, like its southern cousin, in New Hampshire., it is a true Monadnock- a peak that sits alone and stands high above the surrounding landscape. Purported to be the remnant core of an extinct volcano, Monadnock rises steeply over the northern Connecticut River Valley and offers a challenging, but rewarding, hike.   ...More

Source: The above text is an excerpt from Northeast Kingdom Mountain Trail Guide by Luke O'Brien, Printed in 2010, available at the Northwoods Stewardship Center in East Charleston, VT.Jay Peak this October 5th.

Jay Peak

During the spring, summer and fall at the Jay Peak Resort, the winter's renowned ski mountain becomes an alpine trek for various levels of hiking ability.  Trails are well marked. The green, blue and black colors of the paths represent easy, moderate, and most difficult paths.  ...More

Just Everyday Hiking Trails

You might be interested in seeing the view from the mountaintops that surround Lake Willoughby, or just have modest mountain hike up Bluff Mountain in Island Pond.  There are many under 2 mile hiking trails that offer a modest to moderate climb that is within the natural ability of most.  ...More

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, December 7
Community Holiday Celebration

Friday, December 9
Vienna Boys Choir

Saturday, December 10
Victorian Holiday!

Saturday, December 17
Get The Led Out - A Tribute to Led Zeppelin

Saturday, February 18
Memphremagog Ice Skating Festival

Sunday, February 19
Memphremagog Ice Skating Festival

Monday, February 20
Memphremagog Ice Skating Festival

Friday, March 3
Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival

Saturday, March 4
Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival

Sunday, March 5
Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival

Need A Kayak?

Kayak and boat rentals are available throughout Vermont's Northeast Kingdom, as are bikes. Rentals are available at the following locations: ...More

Lakefront Lodging

on Crystal Lake
on Island Pond
on Lake Memphremagog
on Lake Parker
On Lake Wallace
on Lake Willoughby
on Seymour Lake
on Shadow Lake

Lodging on the Kingdom Trails Network

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