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All About the Cake

Specialty Cakes, Wedding Cakes and Desserts Made to Order

For birthdays, anniversaries, parties, functions, meetings and conferences treat yourself to confections by All About the Cake. 

Owner Cindy Poginy, a Certified Wilton Cake Decorating Instructor, bakes and creates cake and desserts with various designs and artwork ranging from the traditional to avant  

Desserts include cakes, pies, strudels, cupcakes, breakfast pastry, donuts, muffins and much more  

Please contact us for further details. 

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Porch & outside seating for Coffee, Tea, Cappuccino & Espresso, Frappes, Milk Shakes, Pastry, Cupcakes, Cakes & Pies by the slice.

We Deliver

All About the Cake delivers throughout Northeastern Vermont, Littleton, NH and vicinity.  Feel free to contact us for further details. 

Last minute-Need a Cake or Pie, will have some ready and waiting....give a call for options!


  • Wednesday thru Friday 9am to 6pm
  • Saturday: 9am to noon.

All About the Cake

6893 S.Wheelock RoadWheelock, VT, Phone: 1-802-535-7454  www.allaboutthecakevt.com