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AquaRealm Aquarium

Pets and Pet Supplies in St. Johnsbury, VT

Visit Aqua Realm Aquarium for a variety of pets, pet food and supplies in historic downtown St. Johnsbury, VT.   We have at our location an assortment of birds, tropical fish, rodents, snakes, turtles, gecko, lizards and an occasional ferret or other unusual animals. 

We've Moved!

Visit us at our new location-1216 Railroad Street in St. Johnsbury. (Behind Kingdom Crust Co.)

Food for Your Pet

We also carry an assortment of crickets, worms and mice- live and frozen as food for your snake or other pet with a pallet to suit; mealworms, super-worms, crickets, adult mice, fish-comets.


If you're just looking for regular pet food for your rodent, fish or reptile we stock that too.

Making a Home for Your Pet

At AquaRealm Aquarium We stock a variety of habitat accouterments to allow your pet the comfort of home.  A combination of caves, pools, wood chips, sand, pebbles and/or rocks can give your pet a wonderful simulation of its own natural environment.

A habitat may also include toys and swings! 

For your gecko or lizard we have available the Repti-Hammock!  Available in a variety of sizes.




Visit our store in downtown St. Johnsbury for our stock of aquariums for fish, reptiles, rodents and other smaller animals.

We also stock aquariums as wide as 48" for fish, reptiles, rodents or other animals as well as aquarium kits to get you started.

Marina 10G LED Aquarium Kit $69.99

  • One Minute Maintenance
  • Slim Filter with quick change cartridge
  • Energy Efficient LED - Natural daylight effect enhances fish and plant colors


We Didn't Forget Cats & Dogs!

Our four-legged friends most certainly include our canine and feline friends.  We have plenty of toys, gourmet foods along with dog beds and cat houses.

Triumph Dog and Cat Food is all natural and contains no meat by-products. 

We also have pet food made from venison and game for a true "taste of the wild".

Visit us on Railroad Street in St. Johnsbury, VT next to Kingdom Crust. We're open seven days a week.


Store Hours: Monday - Saturday 9:30am till 6:00pm, Sunday 11:30 - 4pm.

AquaRealm Aquarium

1216 Railroad Street in St. Johnsbury. (Behind Kingdom Crust Co.), Phone: 802-748-8858 Facebook Website