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Barton, Vermont

Crystal Lake in Barton, VT with public beach, outdoor grills and free parking. Barton, VT is located in the "heart of the Kingdom" and is the home of Crystal Lake, a glacial lake known to provide a habitat for the Peregrine Falcon and Ospry, as well as rainbow trout - wild and stocked, small mouth bass and yellow perch.

The town is a quaint Vermont village that is also the host of the yearly Orleans County Fair during the month of August. The fair brings hundreds of visitors who enjoy the variety of contests, rides and amusements.

Close to Lake Willoughby, many visitors and residents travel to Westmore to enjoy the picturesque setting.


A Brief History

Rogers' Rangers were forced to retreat through the area following their attack on Saint-Francis, Quebec in 1759. The fleeing rangers split up Crystal Lake in Barton, VTbefore getting to Barton. One group followed the Barton River south to the falls at the outlet of Crystal Lake where they were able to catch fish. From there, they continued south over the summit into the Passumpsic River Valley.

From 1791 to 1793 Timothy Hinman built what is now called the "Hinman Settler Road" linking Barton south to Greensboro and north through Brownington to Derby and Canada. The early settlers of Barton found Indian wigwams, in a decayed condition, quite numerous in the vicinity of the outlet of Barton pond, from which it was inferred that it was a favorite camping ground. It is stated that an Indian, Foosah, claimed he killed twenty-seven moose, beside large numbers of beaver and otter near this pond in the winter of 1783-84.

182 men from Barton, Vermont volunteered to fight in the Civil War.


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Barton Area Chamber of Commerce


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