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Farms and Farm Stands in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, as a part of the Green Mountain State, has rolling pastures with soil rich in nutrients and rainfall that allows for an abundance and variety of vegetables to be grown throughout the region, despite the short growing season. The mountain ranges collect moisture that brings plenty of rain to rolling acres of corn and pastures for grazing.

We also have plenty of Sugar Maple Trees whose sap produce maple syrup. Maple syrup is simply the sap from Sugar Maple reduced 40 to 1. In other words, after collecting 40 gallons of run-off from Maple Sugar Trees one can make one gallon of pure maple syrup. There are no additives or preservatives in Vermont's Maple Syrup.


Up here, you'll find acres of corn and cattle. The area commercially produces milk for well known food makers such as Stoneybrook and Cabot, as well as corn for cattle feed and human consumption.

Mountainview Dairy B & B in Irasburg, VTLocal farms sell their produce to passers-by. In mid summer look for raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and peas, among the many others mid-summer vegetables. In the fall, corn and apples are harvested, along with squash, pumpkin and tomatoes. Some dairy farms sell milk products such as cream and cheese to the general public. In fact, you might even find goat's cheese

The Northeast Kingdom is geographically located along a cusp of weather patterns, allowing for extreme lightening storms and changes in temperature during summer and winter. In fact, it might rain in January with temperatures reaching 40 degrees one day and then reach a low of negative 20 degrees the next, depending upon wind's direction. Nitrogen is released into the soil from the intense lightening storms that occur during severe showers and adds to the fertility of the soil.




Agape Hill Farm

Agape Hill Farm in Hardwick, VT

618 Houston Hill Road, Hardwick, VT 05843, 802-472-3711

Meet and Feed our Friendly Animals- Llamas, Pigs, Goats, Sheep, Chickens and More! Family Farm Tours - $60 per family, Llama Trail Walks - $10 per person




Couture's Maple Shop and B & B

560 VT. Route 100
Westfield, VT 05874-9197
Toll Free:800-845-2733

Couture's Maple Shop and B & B is a maple sugar and dairy farm in Northern Vermont near Jay Peak Ski Resort and on The VAST Trail. Feel free to stop by for their products. Do you shop online? Visit their website for maple products farmed and produced at their farm.






Devany Farm

Hudson Road, East Charleston, VT

Visit Our Country Farm Stand Offering Farm Fresh Produce and Vermont Products!

Farm Fresh Produce, Handmade Vine Trelaces, Farm Fresh Eggs, Jams & Jellies, Bulbs & Perrenials, Maple Syrup and Maple Products

Open May 15 Till October 31st.




Hazendale Farm

2853 Hardwick St., Greensboro, VT 05841 (802) 533-9992

Visit this outstanding farm in Greensboro, VT that sells fresh fruits and vegetables, as well Vermont farm cheeses and Vermont handmade crafts to the public at their farm stand, located on the premises. Their farm stand is open May 15th till October 31st.



Mountainview Dairy Bed & Breakfast

725 Poutre Drive in Irasburg, VT

Dairy and Maple Sugar Farm in Irasburg, VT

Visit Website





Vermont Reindeer Farm

3108 Chilafoux Road
Orleans, Vermont 05860
Phone: 802-754-9583

Come and visit our Reindeer Farm! We also have mini goats, pig, ponies, angora bunnies. We're open year round for petting and pony/sleigh rides. Admittance is free for adults and kids of all ages. Visit Our Faceboook

Vermont Reindeer Farm in Orleans, VTVermont Reindeer Farm in Orleans, VT



Willoughby Gap Farm Stand

VT Route 5A, Westmore, VT

WIlloughby Gap Farm Stand in Westmore, VTWilloughby Gap Farm Stand in Westmore, VT


Farm Fresh Produce from Vermont Farms, Pure Vermont Maple Syrup, Vermont Farm Fresh Eggs, Crafts, Jams & Pickles , Vermont Maple Soda, Juices and Soft Drinks




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