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Health, Spa and Fitness

Remote and untouched stretches of wilderness abound, along with clean lakes, air and water attract many to the area for good health. 

To accompany our surroundings a number of well trained professionals in the area of massage and physical therapy have been serving residents and visitors for years.

Area spas and fitness centers complete the ensemble with Swedish message, sports message, body wraps and facials.  

Healing from the Heart-Holistic Center

in Derby, VT

Welcome to Healing from the Heart. Located in Derby, VT, owner Cheryl  Esme West, a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner & Teacher-Usui/Holy Fire II, Certified Aromatherapist & Certified Yoga Teacher provides Reiki healing and therapeutic massage treatments, as well as other Holistic healing modalities & classes.

Visit our studio and discover the holistic healing method of Reiki, along with our other services.

Become a Reiki Practitioner. Cheryl Esme West is a Master Practitioner and Teacher and provides Reiki course instruction. ...More

...More About Reiki Classes and Reiki Share for Reiki Practitioners

Heart Space Yoga Center

in St. Johnsbury, VT

Since its opening in May of 2008, the studio has become a beautiful and safe place for people to come together and explore their individual potential through the transformational practice of yoga and other healing arts.

Special Price for New Students!! 10 Days for $10!! ...More

Mountain Spring Reiki at the Lettuce Bee Farm

in Walden, VT

Visit Mountain Spring Reiki for Reiki healing treatment and classes. Practitioner and teacher Jennifer Thoma, a member of the Vermont Reiki Association, has been practicing Reiki for 8 years and is now providing classes for Reiki I.

We're Joining the Heartspace Healing Center!

Mountain Spring Reiki will be a part of the new Heartspace Healing Center located on Railroad Street in St. Johnsbury, VT.  Please feel free to contact us for further details at 802-563-2350.

Reiki at Your Location

If you are unable to visit the farm Jennifer Thoma will travel to your location if you reside in the following towns: West Danville, Danville, St. Johnsbury, Walden, Cabot, Hardwick, Greensboro and some surrounding areas. ...More

Become a Reiki Practitioner! Learn the ancient holistic hands on healing art of Reiki for self-healing and the healing of others. 

You will be taught the ancient holistic hands on healing art of Reiki ...More

Northeast Kingdom Physical Therapy

in Newport and Island Pond, VT

To keep in shape or for your regular therapeutic workout, visit us at either of our two locations in Newport, VT or Island Pond, VT on a walk in basis or as a full time member.

We have available a full gym with Cardiovascular machines including Treadmills, Ellipticals, Nu-Step, Stairmaster, Arc Trainers, Concept 2 Rowers and Recumbent Bikes. ...More

Pride Fitness Performance

in Newport, VT

Pride Fitness Performance is here to deliver the highest quality strength and conditioning, and the most advanced fitness instruction in the area.  

Our trainers are nationally certified, highly qualified exercise specialists.

Our mission is simple: increase performance and prevent injuries.  It is not only our mission, but it is our passion to ensure that you will move better, feel better, look better, and live a better, healthier lifestyle.  It is also our mission to educate and help you incorporate this mindset into your everyday life. ...More

The Serenity Spa at The Stepping Stones Inn

in Lyndonville, VT

Located in Lyndonville, VT, our Spa services include massage, facials, Yoga and Reiki.  All are welcome.

The Serenity Spa at The Stepping Stones Inn is surrounded by open pastures with distant mountain views.  The quiet and natural surroundings make for a positive setting for Spa treatment.

Please feel free to contact us for our Yoga and Reiki class schedule or to arrange private instruction. Outdoor classes are available weather permitting. . ...More

Hiking Tips

Hike Safely

  • Water – bring enough, drink often
  • Don’t drink from mountain streams – risk of giardia parasite.
  • Shoes – sturdy cleated soles with good ankle support are recommended
  • Bring clothes for change in weather – wear layers, absorbent underwear
  • If you think you lost the trail, backtrack to where you are sure and try again
  • Lock car and keep valuables out of sight at trailhead parking area.
  • Turn back in bad weather
  • Hike Responsibly
  • Stay on trail
  • Allow ample time
  • Be realistic about your abilities
  • Stay together – keep to pace of slowest hiker
  • Let a responsible party know where you are hiking and when you anticipate returning

Hike Thoughtfully

  • Don’t litter
  • Pick up any litter you see
  • Don’t pick wildflowers
  • Don’t disturb wildlife
  • Be friendly
  • Move deadfall off trail
  • Keep pets under control
  • Don’t cut corners on switchback – it causes erosion
  • Take particular care of vegetation above tree line.

Hiking Tips

  • Double blazes or right angle blazes mean a sudden turn
  • Walking staffs can help the knees, especially going downhill.

Additional items to Bring:

  • Sunscreen
  • Insect repellent
  • Extra socks
  • Whistle
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Trash bag
  • Moleskin
  • Binoculars
  • Camera & film
  • Compact rain gear
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