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Lakeview Aviation

Tours - Flying Lessons - Airplane Rentals - Airport Service - Airplane Sales/Service/Repairs/Refurbishment

Lakeview Aviation - Airport Services, Flying Lessons, Tours in Coventry, VTLocated in Coventry, VT, Lakeview Aviation provides Airplane Tours, Flying Lessons and a variety of Airport services for residents and visitors to the area.

Fly with Lakeview Aviation's certified flight instructors/commercial pilots for your next adventure or learn to fly yourself. 

Flight lessons range from $40 to $56 per session and will glide you through from ground instruction to twin engine aircraft.

Scenic Tours

Lakeview Aviation provides flying tours for individuals or small groups.  Great for aerial photography, afternoon adventures or romantic evenings; enjoy sunsets, mountains, lakes and stretches of wilderness- from the air.

Already There?

If you're already flying, you might be interested in engaging your wings with one of our Airplane Rentals at Lakeview Aviation in Coventry, VTairplane rentals. 

Hourly rates range from $90 to $215 per hour.

Airport Services

Travelling to Northeastern Vermont and need a place to land or you're already here and planning a take off?  Lakeview Aviation provides local airport services.  For more information please contact us at 802-334-5001.

  • Ramp Access
  • Hangar space
  • Tie downs
  • Preheating, deicing and starting equipment
  • Fuel - Jet A, 100LL (24 Fuel Service)
  • Full Maintenance Shop

Specialty Airplane Custom Interiors

For your single or double engine airplane renovation, bring your craft to Lakeview Aviation for new seating, new control panels and décor. 

Various styles and colors of airplane seating are available.

Our custom work is our specialty.  Please contact us for further details at 802-334-5001. 

Repairs & Service

For general service, maintenance and repairs. please contact us.  We have available onsite airplane mechanics with years of experience on single and multi engine aircraft. 

Annual Inspections

Lakeview Aviation provides annual inspections for single and multi engine aircraft.

Lakeview Aviation
2628 Airport Road, Newport, VT 05855, Phone; 802-334-5001, www.lakeviewaviation.com