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The Lakes of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont

Many of the lakes of the Northeast Kingdom are mother nature's fingerprints left by glacial movements thousands of years ago.

The region's lakes are also home to an abundance and variety of fish. Small and large mouth bass, rainbow and brown trout, perch, landlocked salmon, and great northern pike are among the many species that can be found here. The vast stretches of wilderness make for a pristine environment that continues to provide to the natural ecosystem that mother nature intended. Boating on Island Pond, VT Summer 2011

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is a haven for tourists spring, summer, winter and fall. Summer visitors enjoy the pristine lakes and natural beauty of the region every summer. Parking is free. You also might find outdoor barbecue grills for your use at our state parks.

Public docks are available at many of the lakes in the region. Click Here for boat rental information.



Lake Memphremagog in Newport, VT

While 73% of the lake's surface area is located in Quebec, 3/4 of its watershed is in Vermont. The lake's maximum depth of 285 feet makes it the third deepest lake in Vermont. Province Island, the largest of its islands, is located on the international boarder.

Though the name Memphremagog means great expanse of water, some claim that it is home to Memphre, a reptile-like monster. Memphre have been sighted in Lake Memphremagog as early as the 18th century, though later documented sightings are as recent as 2003.

Boat rental is available at the Newport Marina, Farrants Point, Newport, VT 05855, 802-334-5911.

For more information, including some interesting facts concerning the legend of the "Memphre" lake monster that is said to dwell in Lake Memphremagog CLICK HERE.



Lake Willoughby in Westmore, VT

Lake Willoughby is, by far, the most strikingly beautiful glacial lake in the Northeast Kingdom. It resembles a Norwegian Fjord with its length extending between two mountain ranges. The lake is also the deepest lake in Vermont, with depths exceeding 300 feet. Waterfalls, cradled in rock formations, empty into the lake at various points from surrounding mountains. As a result, Lake Willoughby is listed as a Natural National Landmark.

The lake is also home to the Peregrine Falcon, as the cliffs of Mount Psgah and Mount Hor provide a natural habitat for the rare falcon.

The Peregrine Falcon was listed as an endangered species in the 1970's after falling victim to pesticides that filtered through the food chain to its diet of small animals, birds and insects.

Lake Willoughby holds the world's record for the largest trout ever caught through the ice. The fish weighed in at 39 pounds, (18 kg). Lake Willoughby contains rainbow trout (wild and stocked), land locked salmon, rainbow smelt, burbot, yellow perch, longnose sucker, white sucker, lake chub, common shiner and round whitefish, a native species to Vermont.

Visitors enjoy the north and south beaches of this glacial lake. Parking is free and available at both ends of Lake Willoughby.

Source: Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Willoughby




Lake Seymour, Morgan, VT

Lake Seymour is located in the town of Morgan in Orleans County, Vermont. The lake was named for Israel Seymour, one of the original grantees. Natives called it Namagonic "salmon trout spearing place".

It is the second largest natural lake in Vermont. It is one of only two deep, cold, and oligotrophic lakes in the Clyde River system.

The freshwater lake covers 1,732 acres (7.01 km2) and is 3 miles (4.8 km) long and 2 miles (3.2 km) wide; its maximum depth is 167 feet (51 m). It is shaped like a giant number "7". The lake is fed by two primary streams, an outlet from Mud Pond and Sucker Brook. The lake drains into Echo Pond, which empties into the Clyde River, Lake Memphremagog and, eventually, Canada's St. Lawrence River.

During the summer, natives and tourists enjoy the lakes clean water for swimming, boating and fishing. During the winter months, Seymore Lake is home to many ice fishing huts that provide shelter for ice fisherman who enjoy the lakes natural abundance of fresh water trout, bass and salmon.


Source: Wikipedia. http://anticipatory/wiki/Lake_Seymour_%28Vermont%29



Island Pond, Island Pond, VT


Island Pond, located in Island Pond, VT is actually a lake that, in reference to its name, has an island in its center, 22 acres in size.

The lake is home to loon and an abundance of trout, perch and fresh water bass. During the winter months, snowmobilers enjoy safe passage across the lake for most of the winter season.

Nestled amid mountains in a remote area of Vermont, the lake offers sandy beaches, open barbecue grills and a public dock. Boat rental is available at Lake side Camping and Brighton State Park. Free parking is available.



Job's Pond, Newark, VT


There are a number of smaller ponds, hidden in the woods or off country dirt roads that are home to a variety of fish and wildlife. Job's Pond in Newark, Vermont, a very secluded lake, and can be reached by back country dirt roads, off of Route 114, near Island Pond.

A natural sandy beach and wooded terrain accompany this naturally idyllic pond.





Our Lakes

Visit the links below for maps and information regarding the many lakes of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.


Averill Pond in Averill, VTMap of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

Beaver Pond in Holland, VT

Brownington Pond in Brownington, VT

Caspian Lake in Greensboro, VT

Center Pond in Newark

Clyde Pond in Derby, VT

Crystal Lake in Barton, VT

Echo Lake in Charleston, VT

Elwell Pond in Peacham, VT

Goslant Pond in Peacham, VT

Holland Pond in Holland, VT

Hartwell Pond in Albany, VT

Island Pond in Island Pond, VT

Job's Pond in Newark, VT

Joe's Pond in Danville, VT

Lake Memphremagog in Newport, VT

Lake Parker in West Glover, VT

Lake Salem in Derby, VT

Lake Seymore in Morgan, VT

Lake Willoughby in Westmore, VT

Long Pond in Westmore, VT

Norton Pond in Norton, VT

Pensioner Pond in Charleston, VT

Shadow Lake in Glover, VT




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