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skiphoto2.jpgThe Northeast Kingdom of Vermont offers some of the best skiing in New England. The area receives an abundance of snowfall, meanwhile, the colder temperatures keep the slopes in superb condition for an extended season.


Burke Mountain and Jay Peak have been heralded as having the best snow conditions in New England. Snow making, a colder climate and natural snow fall make for great powder, along with very little ice to cross. This is good news for those that travail the 2000 foot vertical drop at Burke Mountain. Don't miss their rail parks and Nordic skiing while you're there. Jumps and rails are strategically placed along a course at both resorts that is groomed twice a day.


Some VAST Trail Historical Information



Since 1967, snow sports enthusiasts have been enjoying the trails and lakes of Vermont in the winter months on snowmobile by way of The VAST Trail.


The VAST Trail system is designed for snowmobiling, originated in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont and has grown to extend well into Quebec, New Hampshire, New York, as well as parts of Connecticut.


In the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, you'll find that the VAST Trail extends through miles of untamed wilderness to lakes frozen and passable and is a means of travel from township to township.


The VAST Trail in the map above is denoted by green.  Note the extensive interconnecting winter roadway that even surpassed paved roads in some locations.   Winter travel might be considered to be more safe, at times and under certain conditions, by snowmobile than by car.


Shops, restaurants, lodging and other establishments are accessible by way of the VAST Trail that was specifically designed for winter travel.


Now with more than 5000 miles in Vermont, the VAST is maintained by a number of snowmobile clubs and organizations. Up here The VAST Trails are groomed twice a week. Mother Nature takes care of the rest. The snowmobile season begins when the snow cover reaches a comfortable 4 inches and will last as long as that much snow remains. In the Northeast Kingdom that generally means about Christmas time until the fourth week of March.



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